From “The Mountain-Ear”
by Lora Ryan © March 22, 2007

GILPIN — In 1967 Stephen Allen Davis played his first song “Take Time to Know Her,” for a publisher in Nashville, Tennessee. Three months later, Percy Sledge was singing it on the radio and it was a smash hit. At seventeen years old, his passion and talent apparent, an unexpected future lay before him. Stephen recalls, “It was like a gift that had been given to me.”

Since then many big name artists from Diana Ross to George Jones and Frank Sinatra have recorded Stephen’s songs. He has sold over 40 million copies and earned 2 Grammy-nominations and 18 most-performed song awards. His catalogue includes “Highway, Highway” and “No Ordinary World” recorded by Joe Cocker and the #1 Country hit “Stand By Me” sung by JoDee Messina. Reba McEntire, Meatloaf, John Hiatt, Tammy Wynette and many others have had success with Stephen’s songs. He is in the process of pitching his songs to legendary label head Clive Davis for Whitney Houston and Joss Stone.

In 1995 Stephen released “The Light Pink Album.” His newest CD called “The Desert Sessions” includes a DVD of his life story and a performance at The Boulder Theater. Stephen is a singer/songwriter who plays piano and guitar and composes all kinds of music, but said, “It must be the real deal.”

Stephen has been living on top of a mountain in Gilpin County since 1991. His recording studio is in his home.

Several months ago Giselle Massi, a clairvoyant who wrote the book “We are Here for a Purpose: HOW TO FIND YOURS” was helping Stephen. She suggested he try a specific yoga position she knew would be beneficial. The simple pose, lying with his butt on the floor and his legs up the wall with his arms stretched out beside him, triggered a major change in his mood, energy level, spiritual awareness and creativity. He produced a thirty-two minute meditation prayer to create a peaceful atmosphere to accompany the yoga position. He found it so calming that he has it playing much of the time.

While on the phone with Stephen, Giselle heard the beautiful sound in the background. She loved it and encouraged him to delve into what Stephen now calls “Atmospheric Soul Music.”

Giselle also encouraged Stephen to explore the idea of getting this healing sound to massage therapists, reflexologists, spas, etc. He then worked with graphic designer Jim Sincock of The Business Connection in Nederland to help with designing the CD cover.

Giselle also had the clairvoyant direction to get the healing music to soldiers in Iraq. Following the recommendation of a Marine who had been in Fallujah, Giselle contacted an organization in Pennsylvania called The Yellow Ribbon Girls ( Each month they send out 100 packages to soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Kuwait. Giselle inquired if they would be able to get Stephen’s healing CD, with a personal note from her and each tied with a yellow ribbon, directly into the hands of the soldiers and to the massage therapists at the R&R bases where the soldiers go to destress. Giselle said, “They are an inspiring group of compassionate women who are devoted to bringing love and comforts to the deployed soldiers.” This week 50 of Stephen’s healing CDs called “The Water Meditations” are on their way to the soldiers.

Last week Stephen was at the Business Connection, the company owned by Alice Lemoine that manufactured his CD, tying a ribbon onto one of the CDs preparing it for shipment. Sharon Johnson and another employee were in the room. With his finger stuck into the bow, the Tony Orlando song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree” came over the radio. Everyone was amazed and Sharon was moved to tears. Giselle said this is confirmation that there is “Amazing Grace” permeating Stephen’s healing music and the work of the Yellow Ribbon Girls.