One Click to the Right

Leaning forward
in the optometrist chair,
my forehead pressed to the
ridiculously large lens contraption
that has the tiny cup that holds my chin
He asks
Is this better
is that better
I am asked to choose
as he clicks
one way to the right
one more to the right

But it’s always just one click
to the right
that is the better click

Sometimes I make him repeat the two choices
because the margin of difference
seeeeeeeems so
But a slight that is not correct
is enough to be
way bad for me.
he repeats again
Is this better
is that better
and he awaits my decision with calm abiding

all the while knowing
as a masterful omniscient optometrist would know
which one is the better way
just which click is going to be
the one
the better way
that makes all things
beautifully clear

He whispers
Now use this as the metaphor for living
even when fears and doubt smear the lens of truth
one click to the right
you can see forever.

— Giselle M. Massi © December 11, 2009