Mining for Gold

I want you to imagine 33 women trapped 2500 feet underground instead of 33 men who are now in that bizarre predicament in Chile.

I don’t think 33 women would be taking videos of themselves half nekkked, showing us their table games, singing a national anthem.

After nearly 3 weeks underground, the video I imagine seeing has 33 women happily focused on giving one another reflexology treatments and full body massages when they aren’t in a yoga class in the 85 degree space, or sitting like mini-Buddhas — just as Julia Roberts did in “Eat, Pray, Love” surrendering to stillness and finding the inner, golden light.

The 33 women in the video have wanted for so long just a few months respite away from caring for children while caring for their aging parents or satisfying more than one boss.

Oh, yeah, and they’d be thrilled they had already lost those 20 lbs., or the muffin top, without aerobics.

They would be calm and happy, not one moment having any worries about being rescued.

The women in my imagined video all know how much they are needed once they resurface. And confident it won’t take till Thanksgiving. Afterall, everyone in my imagined video knows they’ve got a family and holiday dinners to host.

May those heroic workers who are in charge of leading the rescue of the actual trapped miners — and who are also tasked with supporting the mental and physical well-being of the miners and their loved ones who are above ground — send reflexology charts, massage oil, yoga mats along with our collective love.

Thanksgiving is going to be especially marvelous this year.

Giselle M. Massi © August 27, 2010