Daring Kindness

Dare I suggest this creative/tweak/revision/editing of Dr. Kent M. Keith’s ‘The Paradoxical Commandments’ often attributed incorrectly to Mother Teresa? I was never fond of the repetitive ‘anyway’ so I mercifully zapped it for good. May my lines inspire you to post your own version:

If you are helpful, some may accuse you of ulterior motives. Some may recognize you are helpful. Be helpful to all.

If you are honest, some may cheat you. Some may not cheat you. Be honest to all.

If you are happy, some may be jealous. Some may not be jealous. Share your happiness with all.

Offer the best you have and you are enough. Offer your best now while you are able.

The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. It may be remembered. Do good for now.

In the now and at the end, it was always about being kind.

Dare anyway I say, and just did.

Giselle M. Massi April 11, 2012