Giselle and Mike Murphy

Giselle M. Massi

Giselle M. Massi (photo courtesy of Nicholas Thon)

This is a recording of the first of several times I was a guest on Mike Murphy’s legendary morning radio show on 710KCMO (Mike passed March 9, 2011). With permission from KCMO radio, I post it here (without commercial interruption, thus the individual tracks marking the order of segments).

In 2004 after an incredibly successful 46-year career Mike retired. With the assistance of writer Steve Jackson, Mike compiled fun stories for his memoir “I Could Write a Book… So I Did” published Sept. 2008 by the Kansas City Star.

Mike’s voice jumps off the page just as it did through the microphone. When he wrote about the night the “Duke” John Wayne kept calling him all night long, with chit chat from a bar in Louisville, Kentucky, I laughed out loud. That is just one of his many tall, hilarious tales.

Mike honored me by including a story about me, referencing this particular radio interview and the magical time in studio and at my subsequent book signing. It seems fitting to make a full circle and honor Mike by sharing this unforgettable time. Mike even shocked me when he asked me to sing on air at the end of the show.

Each clip is approximately 5 minutes in length.

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Part 4 –

Part 5 –

Part 6 –

Part 7 –

Part 8 –

Part 9 –

Part 10 –

Part 11 –

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Legendary Kansas City radio personality Mike Murphy