A Thing of Great Beauty

(From my “A2W Aging to Wisdom” series, explorations of the joyful ways to go through life.)

For me, the easiest way to begin to restore peace is to speak from the heart, even if blunt honesty or a rebuke is what may be required. But speaking from the heart, well, I realize that comes easier to me than it comes to some others.

So I take the liberty here to speak for other voices and perhaps what I say will resonate with you, and that you may want to share this reminder with your circle. We all long to be cared for, loved, and respected by others. Most especially this is true in our circle of intimate friends and family.

I think what often derails this from happening, and what steals the peace from within the circle, has to do with a deficiency of visible expressions of real affection, respect, admiration and all other forms of appreciation.

It’s an outsized focus on each individual’s life stressors, challenges and missteps that often becomes one’s default setting, consuming much of our energy.

We all long to have those burdens lifted, and for that to happen we frequently rely on others to help us lift them, or to help us at least see that we are possibly co-creating a drama and generating stress for ourselves and those closest to us. Only maybe then can there be a reboot of energy to create a wider perspective and understanding of what can or should be done to resolve whatever has come up.

It is essential we be of service to others as each day presents its unique set of difficult situations, but I think there is another gesture worthy of consideration: We can choose to use our words, and offer a gentle touch or hug, to lift one’s attention from whatever the strife, putting it back onto what matters most. The bliss that we can offer in this way, no matter the size of tumult of the day, is the original sustainable resource.

Our circle will feel they are respected and cared for, and appreciated in a way that expands the circle of love and peace outward — so so far outward that it then reaches us inward at the realm of Truth, revealing we are here in this moment of awareness and motion and we are a thing of great beauty to behold.

You are a thing of great beauty to behold.

–Giselle M. Massi copyright August 2017; published Sept. 1, 2017 Edge Magazine http://www.edgemagazine.net/2017/09/a-thing-of-great-beauty