The only way to stop an addiction is to stop; the only way to be free of an addiction is to let it go.

Read that again…to be free of an addiction, let it go.

This is not a difficult thing to do, this letting go, once you see and feel the enormity of the power that is Grasping.

The task is to recognize all that strength that has been maintaining what is the stranglehold of pain. All the energy being used, just to remain hurting. Palms and fingers clenched/drenched in grasping, instead of reaching up to receive infinite blessing.

That is what is necessary,
this letting go of the
distorted thoughts of what is;
foolish thoughts of what was;
limited thoughts of what will be.

Let go from all of these things that control and contain, and the suffering stops.
Let go of the fear of who you think you are, and let go of what you think you will become
once you are free of the stranglehold, for any of those thoughts will be infinitely smaller than the power that brings blessing.

Let go of the thought you cannot let go of the grasp.

Copyright © 2012 Giselle M. Massi; published Oct. 1, 2012