The Hike

Love your life. Love all of your life. Even the challenges that wear you down — like body building — have a way of bringing muscle growth to the tears that in time bulk you up and make you stronger. Love the challenges until they no longer feel heavy because your strength has brought you power over them. Love your life by letting the smallest things lift you up.

Taking in a purr from a pet, sharing a purr with a love, remembering how hard you laughed at the “honey badger doesn’t give a sh#!” video — and that you once couldn’t even wipe your own — go a long way in helping you see more clearly all the opportunities you now have to soar higher and higher. It is the metaphor of the mountain; cartoons always show the wisest person sitting on top. It’s a helluva hike, strenuous, steep, and sometimes the trail washes out and totally gets covered over from scree, but the higher one climbs, the more one gets to see.

It’s always been an arduous hike to the vistas of wisdom. So keep on the trail, forge one yourself when it disappears, look up not down, and remember that loving your life, loving being on the hike, is the start of deepest wisdom.

— Giselle M. Massi copyright April 2016; Published in Edge Magazine May 1, 2016