For the Love of Horses

In learning to ride, one is taught the essentials of how to successfully move through life.

It requires balance, patience, cooperation, gentleness, a soft voice, a light touch, to know when to lead by an encouraging word and to know when to let the bigger and stronger lead you to where you need to go.

Learning to ride teaches you how necessary it is to get back in the saddle when you fall off, how to trust not only yourself but another life, how two minds, bodies and hearts headed in the same direction create joy.

And when all of these skills come together, you discover the thrill of your soul in flight and the feelings of freedom and peace and love.

You become one with your horse and the breeze, with the trees and the sky and the grass and the beautiful hearts who taught you all this and you are forever changed.

There are really four things we must do before we die – raise a child, write a book, plant a tree and learn to ride a horse. I’d say first learn to ride. You’ll do all the rest so much better.